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It’s that time of the year, the time when many among us embark hopefully on our New Year resolutions. It’s also that time when many articles and studies tell us that New Year resolutions rarely prevail, that most of us fail at keeping our New Year resolutions. In short, the consensus is that New Year resolutions are futile.

Futile? Any way to start a New Year? Except New Year resolutions are not futile. No, not even if we fail at keeping them. How could that be? Simple. The point of New Year resolutions is to make them, regardless whether we keep them. Make. In this context, make is a word shimmering with hope and aspiration. One who makes a New Year resolution has hope and aspiration. Hope that we’ll be alive to see another day, aspiration that we’ll act on our resolution. Our previous year’s experience obviously sustained us enough to be hopeful for our future. Else why invest energy in making New Year resolutions in the first place? Our previous year’s experience.

Experience can strengthen or harden. Are strengthened and hardened hearts the same? No, they are diametrically opposite. Strengthened hearts stay hopeful. Only they continue to make New Year Resolutions. So go ahead, all ye hopeful with your strengthened hearts. Keep making your New Year Resolutions. Pay no heed to the naysayers. Hope, even hope belied or hope betrayed, is far better than hopelessness. The joy and real value of New Year resolutions lie in the hope they embody.

Post by Tirumalai Kamala:

The Real Value of New Year Resolutions

The Real Value of New Year Resolutions